3 Types Of Business Cards That You Can Use For Your Promotion


No matter how true it is that we are living in the era of digital revolution, it is also true that there are certain timeless things that still take us a long way when we are talking about networking and communication. Yes, you might create a Facebook page and Twitter handle where you can get thousands of followers and millions of them on Instagram, still, when you are looking forward to having tangible proof of your network, you need to use more direct and old school form of it. One such way of networking is giving out business cards.

When you are attending an event or meeting some potential clients, it is necessary that you offer them something that can work as a direct call-to-action in a much tangible form than just clicking on a button.

  • Standard Business Card

If you are a traditional person and generally fond of following the conventions, then it is necessary that you think of getting the standard business cards for your brand promotion. These cards are the best option for printing brand name, logo, tagline as well as all the necessary contact information. Also, when you are printing your cards from some online printing services, it is necessary that you think of it as it will be much convenient to carry easily in your purse and box. So, if you are thinking of getting the best solution at the most potable size and the most sophisticated way, then going for standard business cards is the right call for you.

  • Square Business Cards

Do you have a brand logo which is elaborate and square in shape? Do you have a tagline for your brand that is also an integral part of the logo? Or are you particularly planning for spreading more brand awareness? In any case, it is necessary that you think of choosing something that will be perfect for such a design. But at the same time, if you are thinking of giving a business card, it is also important that you choose the one that is portable, easy to carry around. In this case, the square-shaped business card can serve your purpose. When you are ordering with a reputed company for online business cards printing, they will surely provide you with this option.

  • Folded Business Card

Do you have a lot of content to share with your potential clients? Do you have a lot of information to share with them? Are you looking for more space for designer flexibility too? If you are looking for something that will offer you all of these and more, then folded cards can be the best option. As they come in folded version, you can easily think of carrying them in small boxes and purse.

A high-quality business card provides the following benefits:

  • Professional Image

One of the primary benefits of a high-quality business card is communicating professionalism, experience, and preparedness.

  • Personal Touch

Businesses are built on networking. Networking is all about personal connection

  • Affordable Advertisement

Budgets are tight for most business professionals. We all know we need to advertise, but want to make sure our money will be well-spent.

  • Distinction Amongst Competitors

How would your business card stand up in a stack with your competitors? Despite their many benefits, most businesses do not take full advantage of the opportunity that business cards provide.

  • Versatile Tool

Business cards offer the most portable form of advertisement. Convenient and compact, business cards allow you to readily share information about your business anywhere and at any time.

  • Referral Source

A creative business card is more likely to be noticed, remembered, and shared with others. A high-quality business card can keep working for you well after your first impression, leading to more business.