5 Booming Negosyo or Business Ideas to Try This 2020

Business Ideas

1. Pabili Service

Since the lockdown began, most businesses had to shift online to continue catering to their customers. Supermarkets and other establishments that sell essential items had to limit their working hours in-line with the curfew. This meant more work just to run errands or do anything for a regular Filipino.
For entrepreneurs, this is the best opportunity to run a pabili service within their area. If you have a fleet of motorcycles and an online platform, you can easily tap consumers in need of items without ever going out. Just make sure to follow proper sanitation protocols!

2. Water Refilling

The spread of the virus has prompted our health department to run aggressive health campaigns throughout the year. You’ll always see content about washing your hands properly to making diet adjustments that can improve your immune system. Drinking clean water is also a huge must.
Tap water in the Philippines is not yet drinkable, so you can profit from this health boom by opening a water refilling station or selling water filter pitchers online. Since the Philippine climate rarely falls beyond 26°C all year, you can expect guaranteed sales from this venture.

3. Rice or Egg Supplying

COVID-19, also known as SARS-CoV-2, spreads quickly to people and stays on surfaces for a long but unspecified time. Most security measures try to curb this through reducing contact as much they can. People have also become cautious with visiting supermarkets regularly, so they look for direct suppliers that can stock up on their pantry for the long haul.
Since establishments are still adapting their operations online, you can market essential goods such as rice or eggs. These items will always be in-demand, so expect high-quantity orders coming your way!

4. Plant Selling

Taking care of plants used to be a hobby that was common among older generations. However, the quarantine season has left people with so much time that they’ve opted to keep themselves busy with new hobbies. And in case you missed it, one of the biggest hobbies of this year was tending to snake plants, pothos, and aloe vera.
Help farmers and consumers with one initiative by selling house plants online! Not only are you reviving the local economy, but you’re also helping someone carve their path to a healthier life. Make sure to do your research on plant prices and crunch numbers as needed!

5. Food

It seemed like the world stopped in its tracks since the pandemic began. Events and other large-scale gatherings were prohibited for a long time, and even if it was allowed, participants had to follow strict rules to curb the spread of the virus. Naturally, we had to learn how to live with COVID.
Home cooks and cooking professionals can pivot to the digital space by selling food on social media. From bite-sized menus to full-fledged catering, these items are needed now more than ever by people who want to celebrate safely. Stay-at-home family members can also resell ready-to-cook products from well-known companies like CDO Foodsphere for extra cash.
We love to hear from you! These are the best Negosyo or Business Ideas in the Philippines this 2020. During this pandemic most of the Filipinos used online transactions that’s why online business are boomed this Covid-19 Pandemic situation. Comment below for more suggestions of best business ideas that we can discuss further.