A Few Essential Qualities of Work Boots

Work Boots

Work boots as the term suggests allow you to protect your feet without sacrificing comfort while at the work place. These are boots that can be worn under tough working conditions, whether it is the workplace and the risk involved or the environmental conditions under which you are working. There are plenty of features that make a good work boot. Top brands like 5.11, Converse and Magnum make sure they blend features for protection of the feet and comfort seamlessly, although that could seem like a tough ask. There are some essential qualities which cannot be missed out.

Busy workplace

Work boots often come with steel toes to protect the front part of the feet. Some shoes though come with composite toes or cement construction to make the boots completely non-metallic and therefore airport friendly. The boots are approved by ASTM not just for the toe protection but also for the additional safety offered from electrical hazards which can be expected in a busy workplace. The outsoles which are usually made of rubber suited to both hot and cold weather conditions, including icy surfaces, are oil and slip resistant. Top quality boots are expected to be resistant to chemical abrasion as well. Dual density outsoles with flexi grooves are used to prevent slipping or losing footing on some surfaces with loose material. The outsoles provide sure footedness on muddy and oily surfaces too. Moreover, they are made of high quality rubber so that they are puncture resistant as well.

Good quality Work boots are designed to be resistant to flame and heat. They don’t melt easily and special moulded heel and toe counters are also provided to make sure that the boots don’t really lose shape under tough conditions. Sun reflect leather is used on those boots worn for outdoor work so that bright sunshine doesn’t heat up the shoes. The material doesn’t crinkle up either, in the heat. Tried and tested materials like full grain leather, nylon, cordura or suede leather are used for the uppers of these boots for two reasons. Firstly, they are abrasion resistant which makes them durable in tougher environments. Secondly, they promote breathability which is very important for boots which are worn for long hours.

Extra cushioning

Professional quality Work boots come with EVA midsoles and polyurethane insole inserts which are removable in some cases. Extra cushioning is provided to the entire arch of the feet to make sure that they are not strained on longer days at work. Collar padding, riveted shanks, Texon insoles and lasting board are some of the other features that may be found in boots designed for tough conditions. These help in holding the feet firmly, preventing foot related incidents like twisting of the ankles or slipping. There are special heel guards too, in order to absorb hard impact on the heels which could lead to future foot problems. Orthotic foot beds which are removable are also provided in the boots for additional comfort to the feet. All in all, a work boot offers protection, cushioning and breathability to the feet.

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