December 6, 2021

Top 10 Best Segway hover shoes in 2021 | Buyers Guide & Review

Top 10 Best Segway hover shoes in 2021 | Buyers Guide & Review

Shoes for hoverboards Not the standard Segway electric shoes or hoverboards are trendy at the moment. The bulky and heavy hardware doesn’t weigh down these self-propelled alternatives to traditional hoverboards and Segways. Instead, these transportable pairs of electric sneakers help you get moving with fashion.

Segway electric shoes Ninebot DriftW1.

Segway’s expertise in the field is what makes Segway’s Ninebot Drift W1 a natural selection for our top list of the best hover shoes. Segway has developed one of the most popular hover shoes in the market. Segway is famous for its scooters and transporters. Drift W1’s come with a lot of power and can go up upwards of 10. They are also able to carry up to 220 pounds of weight. It takes approximately 45 minutes to recharge the battery completely. They’re fast and efficient and aren’t risky.


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This Ninebot Drift comes with an elegant design due to its black-and-white-coloured. With RGB LED lights integrated, it gives a unique appearance. The rear tail lights will keep you safe when using them in the dark. Every hover shoe has silicone bumpers that protect your footwear from injuries that could occur if you fall or get hit by anything.

They’re UL 2272-certified and come with the Smart Battery Management System. Furthermore, you can rest assured that they are IPX6 or IP54 splash-proof.

Koowheel Hoverboard shoes

The Koowheel Hover shoes are among the most popular sets. The batteries are 250 watts and allow users to travel at a speed of 7.5 minutes per hour and 6 miles without having to recharge. The recharge process takes only two hours to complete.

To guarantee durability, to ensure durability, to ensure durability, the Koowheel Hovershoes’ body is made of steel. Therefore, it can resist damage and dings. The Koowheel Hovershoes are also equipped with LED lights for aesthetic appeal. They can carry a significant amount of weight and have a maximum weight of 220-pounds. With the carry strap included it is simple to carry. A one-year limited warranty on parts and labor will ensure that you feel confident spending your hard-earned money.


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Razor Turbo Jetts

While they’re not the biggest hover shoe options, Turbo Jetts is an excellent option to start without spending a lot. Razor offers a different perspective in hover footwear than the bigger boys. They’re not self-balancing, like hoverboards or hover shoes. In contrast, Turbo Jetts has a rear-mounted wheel that self-propels and can move you along at a rate of 10 to 15 mph.

You only get one wheel included in the package. It means you’ll have to decide the foot to put it on. The throttle with pressure sensors allows you to choose a comfortable speed. This set is suitable for parents of kids aged nine years old and over. To add some sparkle, it comes with LED lighting. It is also possible to recharge the battery at 12 volts to keep your batteries charged for another time.

What are Hover Shoes?

Hoverboards are known for their huge dimensions, making it difficult to manoeuvre through narrow areas or narrow corridors. Hover shoes can solve this issue. They do not come with just one board. Instead, they’re made up of two “shoes,” which offer greater versatility in the riding options. In the above video, hover shoes offer more maneuverability than hoverboards because of their large dimension and shape.

The boots are self-balancing. The boots’ self-balance is similar to hoverboards. However, individual footwear offers more freedom than hoverboards do.

Is it safe to wear Hover Shoes safely?

Hover shoes require some training. But once you’re confident using them, they’ll be fairly secure.

To safeguard yourself ensure your safety, wear a protective helmet and pads. Most of these helmets have been UL 2272-certified through the Underwriters Laboratories organization for electric safety. With a max speed of 7.5-mph, you’ll be in complete control.

What is the best use of Hover Shoes?

Except for the Turbo Jetts, all of the options that are listed are self-balancing. For example, the hover shoe is comparable to hoverboards. All you need to do is walk onto them and adjust your body weight to ensure they can roll on their own.
This type of movement could be a bit difficult for certain people. However, you’ll likely feel more relaxed in your balance after a couple of minutes. You’ll soon be having fun and cruising along smoothly. In the next few minutes, you’ll be performing tricks or spins that make you feel like an expert.

The Last Thoughts

You don’t have to be worried about the cost. It’s the 9bot from Segway. Drift W1 has the best hover shoe collection. The design is contemporary and fashionable. The LED lighting is also included to add some glam. To avoid any damage to exterior surfaces, the bumpers are made of silicone.

The shoes are durable enough to stand up to 10-degree slopes. Large and small riders can attain speeds upwards of 7.5 millimeters per hour. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy the set even under less than ideal conditions because it’s IPX6-proofed and IP54-rated.


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