Charity For Children In India

Our concrete steps can make a difference for a better tomorrow. With hundreds of hungry children in India, there is a great need to support and care for them. Charity for children is the need of the hour and one should try to come forward to contribute. As every child needs a chance for happiness, no one should be deprived to lead a healthy and happy life. Children are the future of India’s tomorrow and hence should be provided the best of care and attention. However, only a minuscule population is engaged in charity for children and that is not sufficient. The Kanchan Foundation (TKF) is an NGO based at Navi Mumbai, engaged in projects related to health, women empowerment, and employment, community living, and education. The Kanchan Foundation engages in online volunteering to help the underprivileged section of society, to live a respectable life.

A developing nation like India is in great need of support and help from people and for people.

In such a scenario while Non-Government Organisations are doing their bit, there is a strong need of having a more efficient system to identify actual needy people.

The Kanchan Foundation (TKF) is an NGO based at Navi Mumbai, engaged in working for the upliftment of the underprivileged section of the society.

With a mission to reach out to the maximum beneficiaries, TKF is into online volunteering.

Online volunteering implies where the volunteers, the needy, and the corporate sector will be brought in on the same platform. By indulging in online volunteering, a lot of money and time will be saved, which otherwise goes on identifying the needy.

The Kanchan Foundation works in developing initiatives via the internet and online volunteering will gather more and more dedicated volunteers to work for the benefit of the needy.

Volunteering for a social cause is both satisfying and reliving at the same time. Volunteering to help others in times of need. No matter which age groups you belong to or in which sector you want to volunteer, your sincere efforts help others to realize their dreams.

Volunteering gives you a chance to change the lives of others and that of yourself also. Be a friend, guide, or helper to the people and show them your caring side.

In today’s world, when everything is moving at such a fast pace, online volunteering is here to stay.

The Kanchan Foundation (TKF) is taking a lead in online volunteering, trying to bridge the gap between the NGO and the needy.

Volunteers can find online volunteer assignments and be in touch with the needy, thus minimizing the time and effort for looking for a suitable NGO for the needy.

Women’s empowerment is necessary for any nation to develop. Women being the backbone of a family need to be educated and made competent enough to face the challenges of the world.

Empowerment to women ensures both social and economic stability to them.

Empowering women not only indicates, employing her and making herself independent, it also implies that she would be able to take care of both herself and her family in a better way.

Intending to employ women and make them self-sustainable, The Kanchan Foundation (TKF) has taken projects to employ women from the underprivileged section of society.

With the same view, chaishaietc is a dedicated venture enabling women to become independent.

At chiashaietc women serve various varieties of tea with mouth-watering dishes, prepared in totally hygienic conditions.

Specially prepared dishes with the flavor of home-cooked food and pleasant ambiance make it an enjoyable experience for the customers.