Do Not Treat Self Defence As Same As Martial Arts in Wollongong


There is no doubt that what you learn from combative training can be implemented in the way of self-defence but in no way are self-defence and martial arts the same. Protecting your personal safety contradicts with the realities of martial arts in Wollongong. Then again, people are always resorting to combative arts when it comes to self-defence.

Self-defence is about “defusing violence.”

Be it physical contact, argument, fight or a drunken friend, violence can occur from anything. But are you aware of the fact that all of these pose different problems and have different solutions? There are very few schools who teach their students on how to respond in case of these violent and precarious situations. Do you really think that breaking boards will help you “diffuse violence”? Such levels of response can only be learnt in a self-defence class; not a martial arts combative training.

In martial arts, the emphasis is on fighting skills

As you are already aware that there are differences between each violent situation and to deal with it, self-defence is the best solution. However, not all kinds of self-defence will work in every situation. But these things can’t be learnt through martial arts. Martial arts in Wollongong are more about form rather than substance, and the emphasis is clearly on enhancing one’s fighting skills. On the other hand, in self-defence, the focus is one personal safety.

Martial art is not an education; it’s training. Many people greatly mistake martial arts to be an education but in reality, it’s training, just like any other sport.

Over the years, martial arts have become much more of a sport irrespective of its combative and self-defence history.

Do you think that highly trained military officer is suitable for handling small bar fights? Of course not! The kind of training which these professionals were subjected to might not be so appropriate for you. If you have the idea that combative training will help you deal with any violent situation, you are only fooling yourself.

However, martial arts is nothing to be sneezed at

For decades now, martial arts have been the preferred choice for people when it comes to learning combative techniques. More often than not, muggers or attackers will look for easy targets. But in some cases, they will try to inflict harm on you. If they know how to fight, things can get even more ugly. That’s where your fighting skills need to be up to scratch.

It’s all in the confidence

The best method to counteract any situation where you are face to face with an attacker is to exude confidence. Living as a victim and shying away from a fight isn’t going to do you any favours. In order to thwart muggings or attacks, you need to learn to punch and kick. In your mind, you need to decide that you don’t want to be a victim yourself.

Refuse to be intimidated

If you have a steadfast mentality of being refused to get intimidated, half the battle is already won. You need to identify danger signs, act promptly and diffuse the situation.

Not many schools will provide you with self defence classes in Wollongong. Precisely for this reason, you need to do some extensive research before enrolling in a school or institute.