Eames Soft Pad, Cozy and Comfortable Chair

Ever since 1940 Eames soft pad chairs has been a symbol of explicit designer furniture replicating grandeur of the interior of homes. With overflowing simplicity and style, the sleek lines and comfortable designs have wined the hearts people around the world.

In particular, the Eames soft pad chair is one that has just as much impact as it had from the day of its release. These special chairs were created both for comfort and beauty, that without doubt, it received so much reputation more than most modern designs have received today.

The people responsible for the classic designs are the legendary Charles and Ray Eames. Married in 1941, they had clear ideas of how they wanted to revolutionise their ideas and do magic with their designs. Following on from a new technique of moulding wood developed by Charles Eames and his first wife, the couple manufactured a wide range of furniture products incorporating new methods into the age-old traditional ideas.

Charles and Ray Eames travelled all around the world, producing films and gathering more inspiration for future furniture designs. Resin, wire mesh and fibreglass were introduced as materials for producing new furniture. Their designs were truly incredible and their commitment to quality was as impressive as the overall finished product.

Eames soft pad chairs are perfectly elegant and grab attention to high-quality details that consisted of the original design. The ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing end product is only made up of the highest quality materials.

The useful feature of Eames chair is that it completely enhances your experience with the chrome-plated steel and cast aluminium materials. This makes the chair both lightweight and solid. These chairs are also designed with the finest Italian leather to provide you with that luxurious finish you always seek. The body of the chairs has been created with a perfect seating position that makes seating most comfortable.

The range includes a beautiful wire mesh high back chair suitable for office use were you spent pretty long hours of work. This carefully designed back ensures full lumbar support and lower neck support for your long work schedule. This glorious management style chair will look impressive in any office space or reception area. The Eames office chair ensures support on the bottom and lowers back with added comfort for your body.

Bringing out your home office, workspace, meeting rooms or lounge area with this executive range of Eames inspired office chairs available to purchase. When the couples created these unique chairs they might have never known it would withstand decades of changing trends and fashions.

So whether you are looking for some classic designs or for something practically comfortable and elegant to use Eames chair collection range will definitely please your tastes and necessities.