English Language Learning For Beginners.

Who says English-language learning is for toddlers or grade school kids? English may be a universal language just like math is to scientists, but it does not mean that it is the most widely spoken. It’s not however the reason why you can hear an English-speaking Hindu on the phone when you called Sprint to ask about your month’s phone bill.

Why do a lot of people enroll themselves in an English language learning course anyway? It may not be because they are joining the US Navy or the army of nurses who now work in the US from all over. It’s not even because there are a lot of McDonald chains in your country of origin. It may be because English is the most widely distributed language; it is also the most popular medium of instruction. Come to think of it, we all learn our ABCs in preschool; that is unless you belong in a country with its own cube characters for language and a totally different set of vowels to speak.

Anyone needs to learn English to survive in a lot of countries. Those who dream of an Ivy League education must cease restricting one’s Chinese origin in the four corners of Chinatown. The information age demands that Chinese characters be left on a Chinese-targeting web site. As for the rest of the Internet, English means information. In fact, that may be the best reason why you should begin learning English now.

With this language, you have the best access to information sources as books, journals, and what have you. Don’t get it wrong, however. English is more than gaining access to a wide reservoir of knowledge. Learning English is also about building relationships. It is not merely about looking for a hot date offshore. English can build business relationships. How would a Chinese American or a Jewish American go off in a joint venture without the English language? Go figure.

Communication is by far the most significant reason for learning the language. In a world where 1,500,000,000 people speak English and another 1,000,000,000 learning it, is there anyone left who doesn’t know it? Maybe some remote tribe in Africa would answer that, but when we are talking about mainstream knowledge, the daily grind, the short trip to Scotland with an Englishman, a business conference in Singapore, it’s English that you need. Even Colombians have their own English words for each product they send to the US. The word mules is an example.

They say there are fewer people who know English better than the language spoken in the greatest of Hollywood flicks. They say there are lesser people who can deconstruct the English language just as Virginia Woolf did in her prose and novels; that is because they barely know its construction. Although it may not be the sole language of the academe and the literati; learning English will surely let you ride that subway in Manhattan, off to your elderly immigrant parents in New Jersey.

That is why you need to learn English in the best possible way which is through an English language learning audiobook from Pimsleur. This great thing lets you learn the language on your portable device like an iPod or an MP4 anytime you want, anywhere on the earth you may be. In no time, you can learn the English language and speak it as if it’s natural for you.

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