Hardware Keylogger to The Rescue of pc Users


Be it companies or households, everyone today is making use of this to maintain a record of all the activities done on computer. One kind of keylogger is the software. As the name suggests, software is required to be installed in the pc like any software.

USB port

On the other hand, the second kind of keylogger is the hardware keylogger does not require any installation but can be easily made use of by plugging it into the USB port or the PS/2 port of the pc which connects the keyboard to the computer. It tracks and records the keystrokes made from the keyboard. Even the passwords typed from the keyboard can be captured and recorded. In other words any and every activity done through the keyboard is logged to the internal memory of it. They begin operating from the minute the computer is switched on unlike their counterpart. With the help of a microcontroller, interpretation of the datastream between the computer and keyboard is enabled which is then passed to the non-volatile memory.

Here is the reserve of data which is maintained and can be retrieved whenever needed by typing a password. If it features a strongly encrypted memory accessing the keystrokes locked inside the memory gets impossible if the password is not known that was used to encrypt the keystrokes.

Counterpart of software

This type of keylogger is more convenient to use than its counterpart of software. The main reason is that it does not need any driver or software to be incorporated in the computer. Moreover, no booting of computer is needed to run this. It also enables recording and retrieveing data in two different computers unlike the software. Moreover, the ease of installation without the need of software or driver makes it compatible with any type of operating system running in the computer.


Another major benefit of this feature is that in case of system crash down or hard disk failure or destruction, data stored in the internal memory of the this would not be lost since it works on its own internal microprocessor. That is, the keystrokes secured in the internal memory of the keylogger would not be lost even if the computer crashes down for any reason may be.

Another major benefit of this type keylogger is that it is fully untraceable when passed through software or security scanners. This means that the user would not even have his employees, children or spouse know that they are being checked upon. Hence, it makes data tracking even more safe and secure than the software.