December 6, 2021

How Do You Make A Paper Stethoscope

What can you make at home?

Science projects are a great way of passing time and during these post-COVID days. People are running out of activities to do in their houses so turning to science is a great way to alleviate some of the boredom. People can use many options to get through these times. Some people like to build model houses. Others like to chart out sale systems through paper. We will teach you a very unique technique that you can use to make your very own stethoscope. You can put it around your neck and walk around like real doctors. Some people ask a lot of questions like how to make a stethoscope with pipe cleaners. We tend to answer some of them so that people can rest easy and try new things at home.

Speaking of doctors, we should not forget their valuable contribution to the fight against COVID-19. We should try to encourage them whenever we can. So let’s get to the topic How do you make a paper stethoscope?

It is not a simple question let’s first discuss what does this tool does. This s a very icon tool issued by doctors to hear the small sounds made by the human body. These impulse heartbeats and lung operations. If you are good at listening you can tell if someone is healthy or they require some medical attention. This makes this tool very useful and lifesaving.

People can make it out of the many things found around the house. Do people often ask how to make a stethoscope at home easy? We tell them you can use anything at your disposal. Some are very creative devices that work and some are just decoration pieces that make for good costumes. We will let you decide after reading which is which from the article.

We would also like to tell our readers that some are basically very complex to build and need a lot of things but we will point out material and basic steps to make each kind of stethoscope so don’t worry about a thing

How To Make a Stethoscope With Cardboard?

The first question is people often ask is how to make a stethoscope with cardboard?

The answer is yes and you will need some basic equipment to pull it off. It looks like a touch, but it works excellent and people can put it up to their chest and hear the heartbeat of others. It is great fun in the house and great as a party trick for kids’ parties.

  1. Duct tape or another strong tape
  2. Scissors
  3. Plastic funnel
  4. A cardboard tube from a paper towel roll
  5. Stopwatch or clock that counts seconds
  6. A volunteer who can safely exercise intensely for one minute

The steps are simple and easy to replicate

  • Put the narrow end of the funnels and stick them to the cardboard box tube
  • Using duct tape try to tape the funnel with the cardboard.
  • Your stethoscope is now ready to use. Listen to the heartbeat by putting the funnel on the left side of the chest.

How To Make a Stethoscope Out Of Paper?

The second question people ask is how to make a stethoscope out of paper?

The materials in this one are very simple you just need a piece of paper one pencil/pen and a pair of earplugs. When people ask which kind of stethoscope is great for children we tell that papers are great they don’t require much work and are very easily replaceable when broken. So, to answer the question of how to make a stethoscope for preschoolers. Just follow this one it will work great in any situation.

Just follow these steps

  • Trace a circle on the cardboard paper stuff and after that cut out the traced circle.
  • Then puncture a small hole into the circle and insert the end of the earplugs into the Circle.
  • You are now an official Doctor.

How To Make a Stethoscope With a Paper Cup And Plastic Tube.

The third kind is the plastic scope this is the best in terms of performance and looks but it also costs the most. It is great fun and needs sharp objects to make so it is recommended to have adults around when trying this out. This also answers the question of how to make a stethoscope with a paper cup and plastic tube.

The material list is as follows

  1. Two funnels you can experiment with a few different sizes.
  2. 2 feet of clear plastic tubing that will fit either over or inside the funnel spouts. Chose the tubing that best fits our funnels, so the size of the tubing will vary.
  3. Balloons
  4. Electrical Tape
  5. Scissors

The steps are as follows

  • Snip the end off of the balloon. Pull the balloon over the end of the funnels and make sure to secure it with electrical tape. Make sure the balloon is secured.
  • Place both ends of the tubing at the ends of the funnels. Tape the tubing to the funnels. It needs to secure the ends as well.
  • Be sure the room is quiet. Place the balloon end over your heart. Listen to the other end. Then listen again.
  • Of course, you can expect a lot of pretend play and check-ups when you did. Enjoy!


These are all new science fair ideas that you can try on your own. Science fair project, ideas affect the human heart. So always try new things this will open up your mind and make you open to trying new experiences. Let’s face it we really need it in these past few months as things have been so trying these out and tell your friends to try them out. So always keep asking yourself things like How do you make a paper stethoscope? As the ides always lead to new adventures.

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