How E-commerce Business Have Grown During Covid Pandemic


When covid emerged, everything suddenly gets stopped working even move from one country to another country of business put on hold for year and more. This makes people isolated from their homes and can not go to the market to buy the usual stuff or life-saving medicine. The local market is badly affected and almost broke out due to not earning anything. COVID 19 forced countries to lockdown, travel bans, and retail closures.

Due to these bad conditions, people look for other solutions and Ecommerce becomes the best solution. As eCommerce business has permission to deliver the products to doorsteps to customer home. In the U.S.A e-commerce growth seen as a large upscale. Within 6 months, these companies able to make the growth of the last 5 years .

ECommerce platform

Thus, it shows other businesses to move their work onto an eCommerce platform to survive in this pandemic covid-19. Therefore All over the world, saw e-commerce growth by 20% in the share market. These companies will be made profile until gov takes down lockdown, open the market. So people can buy from the local market.

Many companies creating websites and start selling online. Investment in e-commerce business produces more jobs in IT sectors, Thousands of people will get work.

Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and other local vendors need to rethink. How to make their sale plan in the eCommerce business could possibly benefit a business next to the year 2021.

How Ecommerce Business Will Be Transform The Business

Businesses are looking for alternative ways to prepare next time when things went wrong in the world. It looks like the current pandemic is not going to over soon according to scientists and researchers. The 2021 Year is going on and

e-commerce businesses making good profit and growth by serving people and helping the government.

Almost 70% of businesses are going on online sales before they were selling offline on their shops. Nowadays, people made a habit to purchase products online from small appeals to big products like A.C., Fridges, and other products.

For delivery of the products to customers, delivery companies are hiring people who generate new jobs in the market. Moreover, local vendors getting sales from e-commerce companies, helping them to give oxygen to their business.

On the other hand, these companies must manage to low down the fraud cases that happen every day. People easily fall into trap of fraud and found themselves save looted online.

This trend will stay the next 2-3 years so companies must make their plan ready for the long term to improve the consumer’s services.

Points Should Consider In Business Strategy For Ecommerce In 2021 And Upcoming Years

The covid pandemic is still present and countries start waiving out restrictions of market movement. And people are very careful while doing their business and consumer purchases offline. These signs show businesses must go for an online business to make a good profile. As the offline market is still not open completely and will take 6 months or more to come back to the previous stage before September 2019.

All kind of businesses can take their product online to offer customers to make purchases. There are some big gains already present online and gained nice trust level between customers. And due to the pandemic, many businesses already moved online.

It increases competitor level too high.

Small businesses should think to sell their product on multiple websites that offer merchants to sell products on their platforms. It will increase the visibility of your products and help you to come into customers’ eyes. Also, keep open the local store open for offline consumers. It will retain old and loyal customers with you.

a) Sale Offline And Online

Business must keep their business offline running and try to attract more customers to increase sales. Covid pandemic force to shut down the local market. People bend toward online purchases. Businesses must do extra efforts to regain the original sale trackback. Contact your old or new customers and tell them to purchase the products online.

You or your website will handle the delivery of products to their doorstep. It makes customer purchases easier. Your offline store and website should share one inventory. The store managers keep updating the product purchase and inventory up to date. Because of shared product inventory within the Website and offline store, the website will show updated stock of products to the online users so they can purchase the product.

b) Create A Unified Ecommerce Business Selling Platform

A good eCommerce website always delivers easier purchase steps for customers. Those who have less than a thousand products can design a website within 30k Indian Rupee. It is not a big amount but using an open-source e-commerce

software like OpenCart Prestashop or WooCommerce gives the shop owner a better place to have all necessary things present on the website.

Also, link your website with various social networking websites like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and Koo. People can make an order from these social networking sites if they like the product.

Those who have chains of stores in multiple cities or states. Purchase and sale can easily handle and store on a single database of the website. Owner can create sub store for all stores and give permission to update the daily purchase and sale.

Every sub-store manager will have their own login access and dashboard that shows a summary of sales.

Also, the Owner can get daily sale reports by checking the website and create better upcoming events plans.

c) Digital Marketing

If you are under budget then seek online advertisement on social networking websites. As social networking website has a very big user base and shows ads to a good number of customers. The online step is either you or hired

company or individual has good knowledge of digital marketing.

Those businesses that are a good budget should create long-term digital marketing and offline marking as well. A website must give a good user experience and keep the product purchase flow as easy as possible. Having a simple purchase flow adds 5% of sales according to research by Google. You can check how AMP helps e-commerce business to boost the sale

d) Give Awesome User Experience On All Platforms

These days people use to access the website on their mobile. Because mobile is handy and carries anywhere in their pocket. Mobile And tablet access time increased by 30% from the last 7 years. Today youth spends 1-2 hours per day accessing mobile.

When creating a website business must take care of website looks and accessibility on mobile browsers. People only make purchase products from only those website which has easy navigation and search feature. Website on desktop and mobile should open and show layout within 2-3 seconds. If time goes above then 3 seconds, it shows your website has a speed issue and it will badly affect user experience and hence decrease in the sale graph can be seen.

Google had introduced a new technology called AMP. It is a free library present on Github with a lot of examples given. AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages, it removes unwanted elements from pages like widgets, footer, and other parts and makes the page lighter. With a low internet connection lighter

the page will load faster and hence boost in sale graph.

e) Easy Delivery To Customers

E-commerce’s primary secondary goal is to deliver the product within less than 2-5 days. It improves the customer order process and makes people happy. A good return policy also important for customers. Most people check the return policy before making a purchase. Always look for making relationships with multiple delivery partners to reach customers. Customer address where shipping destinations can be just as crucial as product dimensions and weight of the purchased product. Give customers free shipping or charge the lowest cost for shipping.


The e-commerce business is and will grow more than 10% in upcoming years. As Top player is already established their name into customer minds, it is too hard for new and small businesses to move ahead at high speed.

To get the best result in this field, one should have an omnichannel sale strategy. Get your product on every platform. Including on your site and other established websites like Flipkart, SnapDeal, AMAZON, and social networking websites, mobile app.

It will increase the reach of customers hence getting a sale will be easy. Also, considered digital marketing, online ads, SEO while creating a sale strategy.

Always take care of SEO of website and products to drive traffic organically without paying to anyone else. It is the best way to gain new customers from search engines.

If you are looking for creating an e-commerce business strategy or website, hire the TMD EXTENSIONS team . They have experienced 8 years in the e-commerce market. They are here to support, build and grow your business using the best digital marketing strategy that comes into your budget. Design and implement a system that will drive profitability for the business.