How to Teach Your Children the Importance of Green Living

The best way to teach your children about green living is by example. This is why we have decided to list down some tips which will allow you to live a greener life and therefore teach your children to do the same.

  1. Drive less walk more – instead of driving to a nearby location walk to it. This way you will limit the amount of harmful gases that you are releasing in the atmosphere and you will exercise at the same time. Also during the weekends take your children for long walks in the park. This way you can teach them the benefits of strolling and breathing fresh air. When you kids are big enough have them walk with you when you are going to a nearby location.
  2. Always carry a plastic bag with you – by carrying a plastic bag in your pocket you will be able to collect the waste that you are accumulating during the day and throw it in a garbage can when you get back home. If you don’t see any trash can on the street use the bag to collect the packages of the foods drinks or items that you use throughout the day – try to protect your environment as clean as possible. When your kids start attending school place such a bag in their backpacks and explain them that they should not leave any rubbish behind.
  3. Clean your home naturally – preparing your homemade, chemical-free cleaning solution can be a fun project to involve your children in. Of course, dangerous mixtures that include ammonia or bleach should stay away from children’s hands. Use vinegar, baking soda, lemon, dish-washing liquid, etc. Make sure to explain your children why it is so important to avoid the “bad” chemically-poised detergents on the market. This way when they grow up they will be searching for such cleaners as well.
  4. Have your children aid you with the groceries – when you are going to the supermarket take your children with you and have them find the products that you have planned to buy. Explain them why they should look for eco-friendly products and how to distinguish them among the rest.
  5. Buy books discussing the green way of life – arrange such books on your bookcase and have your children read them when they are big enough to comprehend them.