Martial Arts For Excellent For Getting in Shape at 50


Martial Arts are one of the best ways to get in shape, even if you’re 50 or over. They also provide excellent self defense, and that is a good thing for people getting older.

You’re past immortality, feeling the aches and pains, and-horror of horrors-you’re getting a belly! What will you do, what will you do?Work out. Yeah, just grab those weights, run around the track a few times, play basketball for three or four- Oh, yeah, it hurts, and you’re slow, not gonna work.

Little common sense

Well, anything will work, if you take it gently and use a little common sense. And there are lots of martial arts that are custom fit for your situation.If you are really in bad shape, start with some Tai Chi Chuan. Join a group a couple of times a week, wave your arms and learn to focus your internal energy.

The only problem with Tai Chi Chuan is that most people don’t know how to use it for self defense, and you won’t receive the full benefit of the art if you don’t learn ‘why’ it is, and begin to feel what happens when you have an actual opponent.

So you might want to find somebody, sooner or later, that knows the actual combat applications of the art. And don’t worry, they’ll be gentle with you.

Maybe you are in ‘middlin’ shape,’ and can take a bit more physicality in your training. Karate is one of the best martial arts there is for getting in shape.

All those forms provide an endless series of lunges (front stances) and squats (horse stances). You also have real resistance to train with, some of those young turks are going to be grinning when they see you coming. But don’t worry, you’ll be grinning, too.

But you will get in shape fast, lose that belly, and the self defense is most excellent.

Just be sure you find a good instructor that understands what your needs are. It’s not a good idea to ‘drop and give me 100’ when you are just starting out. Most instructors will be fine with you groaning as you get down and modify 50 in the beginning.

Human pretzel

Okay, you’re tight and fit, want to get it on, none of this sissy stuff for you. Why not head down to a local MMA school? These guys are serious about their conditioning. You’re going to learn how to be a human pretzel, and even make a few human pretzels yourself. Your abs will be tight enough to bounce a tank off of, and those flabby biceps of yours will turn into real GUNS!

The real benefit of getting in shape with the martial arts is this: it’s not boring. It’s not the same old same old of weight lifting. Furthermore, it’s real knowledge. you’re going to learn things about the human anatomy you never even dreamed of. Also, you will be learning real self defense, and that is handy at any age.