Mobile VoIP Services – Use Your Mobile For VoIP Calls

As the world is growing in technology very fast, VOIP has created a big buzz. VOIP refers to Voice Over Internet Protocol, provides cost-efficient communication. So it helps to reduce phone costs and give people an opportunity to save on their phone bills every month. Now VoIP is also being used with mobile phones. Making long-distance calls on mobile phones cost a great amount of money. If you often use your mobile phone to make long-distance calls then this VOIP technology is for you.

VOIP technology combined with mobile phone is best for business persons who have to all the time available for important business calls but cannot be tied to the computer all the day to conduct his business.  Although there exist wireless IP phones, you cannot move everywhere with them. If you are a person who needs to do many tasks at the same time then mobile VOIP is what you need to make your life easier.

On a mobile phone, you pay some amount of monthly fee for some specific minutes. If you feel you often exceed this duration due to time-consuming calls or making lots of long-distance calls then hosted VoIP is the one best suits you.  In the USA, Mino wireless USA claims itself as the first mobile VOIP provider.  They take a normal monthly fee and charge 2.2 cents for 1 minute for calling forty different countries. For using this service, the user has to subscribe to Nextel, or T-Mobile services for net data, and also the mobile should be able to deal with Java.

Various mobile companies are interested to provide VOIP service along with their cellular technology. Even many cellular companies use VOIP or virtual PBX service for their internal work for a cost-saving purposes. So they want to provide this service to their users also to take the advantage of this. But the thing where they get stuck is the Voice quality issues.

Wi-Fi is also one of the driving forces for using VoIP in cell phones.  Wi-Fi uses airwaves over a short range of wireless internet networks. Within Wi-Fi networks, users can make free calls through wireless Wi-Fi handsets. When users make free calls over Wi-Fi networks then their usage of normal mobile networks will decrease as they will get more and advanced service for less money.

Currently, VoIP Companies are continuously increasing in subscribers. Users are getting more benefits after coming VoIP mobile technology. Money-saving is one of the best known of these benefits. Before subscribing to this service, the user must know his requirement to decide which type of service he should opt for his benefit. Normally small businessmen are enjoying much profit by taking service of small business VoIP.

Although mobile phone companies are not launching this so soon, after analyzing the requirement of the users and quickly increase in the number of VoIP subscribers every year force them to launch this service on mobile phones. So, VoIP mobile phones give us the freedom to move anywhere anytime without the worries of client calls as you can never miss it now. It also decreases our mobile bills. Now we can enjoy our mobile talks after taking the benefits of using VoIP service.