Paint Zoom Reviews Say Here’s a No Frills Bang for Your Buck Low-Cost Paint Sprayer

Paint Zoom is a paint spraying tool that claims to allow you to complete all painting projects quickly and with minimal mess. For some, it might seem like the ideal product, but before any purchase is made, you should really consider any Paint Zoom consumer reviews that you may find.

Out of the box, the Paint Zoom unit looks like your standard paint sprayer. With it, you have the canisters that hold the paint and a unit with a nozzle that is designed to easily distribute the paint on your walls. While it does distribute paint fairly well, it should be noted that you will want to add a little water to your paint to help thin it out enough that the nozzle doesn’t get clogged. While most of the other Paint Zoom reviews do skip over that, it will be a tip that you will appreciate. If the paint is too thick it can inhibit the pump from projecting an even distribution of paint.

Keep in mind that the quality of the paint job will look like you used a sprayer on your walls, and lack the texture rendered by a brush or roller. While most people will only notice a subtle difference, those looking for actual texture for the walls in their home may not be too thrilled with the sprayer. However, if that’s a problem for you, you can quickly run a paintbrush over the walls after you have completed the job and it does end up giving you similar results.  Although that’s extra work and somewhat purpose defeating – so if you really want a textured finish you will be better off sticking to another method of painting.

The lightweight unit may be a welcome adjustment for those who are used to carrying around a heavier paint sprayer system over the course of a day. The reason is that while most painting units weigh quite a bit and can cause strain when used for long periods of time, the Paint Zoom system is lightweight enough that you should be able to do an entire job without too much trouble at all.

What you get with Paint Zoom is a simple and effective tool that can help speed up most jobs. Commercial painters are likely to find that the reduced cost of this unit makes it more affordable than the traditional $400 or more that usually goes into a decent sprayer. Along with that, you have the easiest clean up possible by just rinsing out the containers and wiping down the nozzle.

As you look at some different Paint Zoom reviews, you might notice that there is a common concern about the frequency that the containers need to be refilled. The truth of the matter is that if you were painting by hand, you would need to refill your tray regularly with paint anyway, but it’s certainly a reasonable complaint.  With the Paint Zoom system, you are going to need to add paint regularly, but it’s unlikely to be more often than you would otherwise experience with any other printing method.

Overall, the Paint Zoom system can be recommended with minor reservations. The need to balance viscosity with careful dilution may be a nuisance for some people.  You will want to consider all the pros and cons before you pick one up for yourself.  And you should always compare to other similar products you might be interested in.  However, there is little doubt that you will find that it does have some very unique benefits and its comparatively low cost may just make it a tempting solution for you.