Photo Editing App 9 Must-have Features

Photography has become the mainstream nowadays. All thanks to mobile devices that have made it possible. People love taking pictures of themselves, others, nature, food and posting them on social media. However, before posting, they tend to use a photo editing app that provides various filters, stickers, and more.

So, the question arises – What features should you consider to make photo editor? Usually, this answer requires in-depth research on the market, competitor apps, and customer requirements. But, we’ve made it easy for you. This article covers the standard features that your photo app should have.


Users want to make their photos distinct. They want an opportunity to add or change filters. Hence, you can start with blur or vignette filters and gradually increase the number of filters with new updates.

Make sure that your app consists of the primary filters that users use. Check out a few app filters and see what results they provide.

Crop & Rotate

This is another basic feature that makes the editing app useful.

Let your users crop and rotate their pictures in different sizes and angles based on a standard format. You can also provide an option to make custom sizes.

Create Collage

While planning to make photo editor, make sure to add a collage feature. Many editing apps lack this feature, or they lack the kind of collage functionality that users require. Therefore, make it a must for your app.

Talking about collage creation, it allows users to combine several photos into one. As a result, users can collect memories in one place. But make sure that users can select any number of photos. You can define the maximum count but don’t define the minimum.

Save and Share

After editing the photo, users need to save it to devices. So, provide them with two options to save it. The first option is to let them modify the photo (save the photo with new changes made) or save a new image (create a copy with new changes).

Also, an easy one-click social media sharing option would be great. Hence, allow them to share it on social media and messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Whatsapp.

Change Background

Give users an option to change the background photo in a few clicks. They need to cut the part of the photo and select another background.

Add Frames

It would be good to provide users with beautiful frames such as polaroid frames.

Make it easy for users to select the image from the gallery and choose the frame they like.

Draw and Write on Pictures

Another exciting feature to add to your photo editing app is drawing and writing directly on the photo.

Users can choose the colors, fonts, stickers and give a personalized touch to the photo. They can add personal text to it, making the whole experience exciting and customizing.


This feature is quite popular nowadays. It allows customers to remove imperfections from the image.

Users can remove blemishes, acne, double-eyelid, and smoothen their face. They can even whiten their teeth, change the complexion and body shape.

AR Filters

AR filters are pretty demanding these days as they provide amazing effects to photos and videos. They allow adding different objects and styles to the photo-for example, dog’s ears, masks, and more.

These filters are not new. Instagram, followed by Snapchat, utilizes these filters, and we have already seen the craze around it. So, your app should have AR filters.

Bottom Line

Make sure to add all the features mentioned above. User login, unnecessary object removal are a few of the basic features you should include in your editing app.

You can create an MVP, release the app and let users test it. Based on the feedback and demand, you can then add more exciting features.