The Raven – Find Who is Serial Killer in Movie

The Raven thriller movie is directed by James McTeigue. The movie story is written by Ben Livingston and Hannah Shakespeare.

The movie explains the last days of Edgar Allan Poe’s life and a serial killer of that time. When a mother and daughter are found brutally murdered in the 19th century Baltimore, Detective Emmett Fields makes a startling discovery: the crime resembles a fictional murder described in gory detail in the local newspaper–part of a collection of stories penned by struggling writer and social pariah Edgar Allan Poe.

It is more terrible when Emmett knows that a mother and her daughter become the victim of the serial killer. Watch The Raven Online and enjoy the various thriller traps in the movie.
Emmett Fields finds clues that help to arrest the killer.

The previous murder is the same as the murder story explain in the local newspaper. But even as Poe is questioned by police, another grisly murder occurs, also inspired by a popular Poe story. Realizing a serial killer is on the loose using Poe’s writings as the backdrop for his bloody rampage; Fields enlists the author’s help in stopping the attacks.

The newspaper is associated with the author Edgar. Watch The Raven see policemen investigate the murder and inquire him about the murder. He goes disturbed after the inquiry.

The murderer used the techniques that explain in Poe’s stories. This newspaper account is directly associated with the struggling writer Edgar. Things go haywire when the Police inquire him for the murder to take place.

This second murder is also inspired by the popular techniques of Poe that have been discussed timely in Poe’s stories. When the detective gets acquainted with the link between Poe’s writings and serial murders, he approaches the author to help him before things go out of hand.

The detective takes clues from Poe’s stories and Edgar. The mission is starting to find the killer but Edgar is the next victim of the killer. But when it appears someone close to Poe may become the murderer’s next victim, the stakes become even higher and the inventor of the modern detective story calls on his own powers of deduction to try to solve the case before its too late.

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          1-   Will the detective be able to save Edgar from the clasps of the killer?

          2-   has Tempted the killer to follow the stories of Edgar?

          3-   Will the exclusive stories of Edgar become the reason for his demise?

The stream of thrilling events can be experienced once you download The Raven. The movie unfolds the underworld criminal activities of Russian Mafias under the curtain of martial arts tournament. Watch Safe Online on and enjoy the amazing actions of star Jason Statham