Tips To Be a Topper

If you are a sincere student, and want to be a topper but are unable to do so, despite putting in all your efforts then you are at the right place. The author understands that few students have to struggle a lot to stand out in the crowd of students to impress the teachers and classmates. Here are some tips that will definitely help you to be a topper or a good student at least.

    Be Responsible- There are several students in the class. They all study and learn the same thing but what makes a leader different than others is the capability of taking responsibility. If you are a sincere student than, start taking responsibility. Don’t throw yourself on others but take the lead. Lead fellow students in group studies, help others in academics.

    Be a good communicator- If you think that you are quite active in class, yet you are not noticed much, then it’s time for self-evaluation. Maybe you are active but all your arrows miss the target. This might happen in the absence of good communication skills. If you struggle to express your thoughts because you don’t know the language very well in which most of your classmates communicate, then Learn a Language in which the entire school communicates. This situation is generally faced by students who migrate from one place to the other and study.

    Be Active- You have two options in front of you. Either you can sit idly in the class, daydream, build castles in the air and stay dull or you can take active participation in various activities, make notes of lectures, listen actively, ask intelligent questions and impress the class and teachers with your enlightening thoughts. You now, very well know which way to go. The second option beats the first, anytime.

    Don’t be a backbencher- If you really want to be a topper then don’t be a backbencher. If you have a set of friends who sit only at the backbench then either leave the company or leave the thought of being a topper. It has been reported that many bright students lag in the race of being a topper just because of being a backbencher. There is a very rational reason behind it. Being a backbencher, one gets disturbed with the movements of the students and several other reasons, whereas students at the front interact with the teacher and experience a one on one conversation.

    Do your homework – To be a topper you must be sincere with your home study. A home study is not limited to the homework assigned by the teachers. A student must also go through the books beforehand to grab a hand over a topic before it is taught in the class. This helps to understand a concept effectively in the class and you can also flaunt your knowledge of the subject to impress the teacher.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips you will certainly see yourself growing as a student. And the day will not be so far when you will be a topper.