Tips to Improve Your Sense of Humor for Your Relationship

Since I had been dating with probably the funniest man on the planet, there are many occasions that we could laugh at ourselves and deal with our troubles without getting mad.For some guys under great pressure, it can be difficult to laugh sometimes. On this something-should-be-taken-seriously planet, we also have to keep in mind that not everything should be taken so seriously if we ever wish to enjoy the “good thing in life”.
If you and your partner would like to find the funny side of your life, here are some tips to help you improve your sense of humor:

1. Avoid Sweating the Small Stuff:

Several years ago I read a fantastic tiny book named Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff in Love, which is about many excellent tips to make your relationships happy. One of the best advices in the whole book is just the title of this book: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Overlooking the small things and not paying much attention to them will make it much easier to laugh instead of freaking out.

2. Find Funny Opportunities:

Sometimes funny things happen around us but we miss them. In fact things which are funny and deserve laughing are always around us. Find such things and spotting them will bring you more reasons to laugh.

3. Watch Funny Movies with Your Partner:

There are lots of marvelous funny romantic movies or comedy shows that you can watch together. We absolutely love the show The Life and Times of Tim – which makes us burst out laughing every time!

4. Learn to laugh at Yourself:

Sometimes we can’t realize the funny level of what we had done or we may feel embarrassed about those things. Yes, we can! We are allowed laughing at ourselves – generally these embarrassments here and there aren’t really that remarkable.

5. Act in a Goofy Romantic Way:

Make a Ways-to-Say-I-Love-You List and get all sorts of crazy ways to express your love. A bar of chocolate, a bowl of breakfast cereal or a lovely handbag– they may be all goofy ways to insert a little pleasure to the relationship. However, don’t be afraid to act as silly as a kid sometimes – you’ll be surprised what a difference you have made in your in your relationship.