Weddings Are a Celebration of Music And Talents


Ever wondered why the musicians who perform at Indian wedding ceremonies are so selective for singing romantic songs? Well, this is because the musicians who sing at weddings are inspired by the most iconic romantic numbers of Bollywood. India is a land of diversity and with people belonging to different cultures and languages, festivals like weddings are the platform for exhibiting the true flavors of ethnicity.

This is apparent from the music that is played at weddings as well as the reception parties. People love melodies along with food and company. Celebrated Bollywood live performing bands in India choose to play romantic songs that are smooth, easy-going and have a steady rhythm. According to a leading music band, romantic songs in one’s native language are preferred more at weddings and reception parties.

Bollywood live performing

The backdrop of the platform where the Bollywood live performing band in India stages their acts also adds a classic touch to the whole thing. At the shows by music band until a few years ago, the backdrop used to be covered with floral decorations, colorful papers or a message for the bride and the groom. Things have changed a lot at present- just as the changing taste for music at present days. The modern couples prefer eccentric light and sound effects, fireworks along with smoke burst-outs, larger-than-life giant screens within the show premises and of course best quality songs. As related by an elderly couple who recently attended their grandson’s wedding at Delhi, the Bollywood live performing bands in India have revived the romantic essence at weddings. Not that the aura was lacking, but contrary to the older days when romanticism was limited to singing romantic songs only, the music bands have made possible to feel this romance will all the senses.

 Romance atmosphere

Dance is another major part of the atmosphere of romance and nostalgia created by the Bollywood live performing bands in India. The friends and families of the bride and the groom are encouraged to shake a leg to the beats of the songs performed by the music band. This is the time when most people who have the dance skills choose to showcase their talent. Whether the moves are repetitive or not, hardly anyone bothers for the sake of fun and poking. When the musicians play the peppiest songs for the crowd to which people can dance to their heart’s content, the wedding parties seem to come alive and kicking. Thus, the best Bollywood live performing bands in India always keep the audience inspiring with their carefully chosen playlist and make each party full of merriment.